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understanding packaging

Essentials of Packaging


Here are some of the questions you can expect to be asked and how it helps us to give you the best possible solution:

1. Where is it going and what do you want to achieve?

          • End-use or application is essential to establish ideal stocks and finishes.
          • Advise the contents and weight to ensure form meets function.


2. How many colours can you print on the carton?

          • We print up to 5 colours in 1 pass (more available on request).


3. What finishes / looks are available?

          • Gloss & Matt Laminate, Gloss & Matt Varnish.
          • Spot or raised varnishes and a range of foil options are available.


4. Can the carton have windows or intricate designs?

          • Absolutely – we encourage you to explore the range of options.
          • Windows, open cut boxes and intricate designs are all possible.


5. Can you provide me a design if I don’t already have one?

          • Our designers can create innovative and functional packaging designs.
          • The weight of contents, travel requirements or intended use of the packaging will have an impact on choice of designs.


6. What is the maximum size we can print & fold for cartons?

          • Max print area for folded cartons when flat is 520mm x 720mm
          • Max print area for smaller intricate folded cartons is 390mm x 540mm


7. How long will my order take?

          • Approx 15 working days (3 weeks) from artwork approval.
          • May vary dependent upon the size and complexity of the order.
          • Large volumes may be required to be shipped taking up to 8 weeks.


8. What stocks are available?

          • Range of standard materials available.
          • Specialty stocks and materials are able to be sourced.


9. How many cartons should I order?

          • Provide a range based on periodic or expected usage.
          • Allow for sea or air-freight options and timing.


10. Will I be able to get a sample to check before ordering?

          • Generally no – but a die-line sample can be provided.
          • Because packaging is 3 dimensional we encourage everyone to create a mock-up of the finished design. It is amazing what you can miss when you look only at a flat design.


11. What is your budget or current price for the cartons?

          • We aim to be great value and cost competitive.
          • Providing current pricing, budget or expectation ensures we take this into consideration when quoting or recommending alternatives.



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