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label innovations

Trust Codes ®

Regular product labelling no longer ensures consumer confidence. Consumers and brand owners want genuine products. Does your supply chain guarantee this? Counterfeiters are stealing your profits, trading off your name and damaging your brand.

Bangla Label Makers in partnership with Trust Print are licensed to print and distribute: Trust Codes ®.
Trust Codes ® help brand owners prove the authenticity and safety of their products while engaging with consumers, wherever they are. When the consumer scans the code, they are shown rich and relevant information, connecting them to your product, brand values and product characteristics. Fake products with a counterfeit code are identified through advanced algorithms that then locate the sites linked to the imitation code, enabling brand owners to take back control of their brand.

trust_code 2


• combat food fraud 
Unique serial numbers printed as a cryptographic QR codes deter counterfeiters and report on potential fraud, allowing brand owners to take swift action.

• precision recall & traceabillity
Unlike standard marking, with Trust Codes ® products can be rapidly recalled with precise granularity. End-to-end GS1 compliant traceability associated with each and every Trust Code.

• consumer engagement & confidence 
Consumer-driven product scanning on smartphones provide information about the authenticity and provenance of products with contextual information based on location and weather. etc

• data analysis and reporting
Advanced algorithms capture live data for rich reporting, including location data and raw data for use in business intelligence platforms.


trust_code 3


“[Smarter] companies will leverage new technologies, third party relationships, and improved engagement to earn consumer trust and to compete…”. Deloitte: Capitalising on the shifting consumer food value equation

Contact BLM to protect your brand with a confidential consultation:
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