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SALE seasons are about to go into overdrive for retail and online sales. If you want to be part of it then you need to get your labels and packaging ready NOW!!! The biggest sales of the year are the perfect time to cash in on the hype, so ensure your products and bargains are ready to be delivered.


halloween (sunday 31st oct, 2021)

‘Trick or treating’ has become a global phenomenon and

many people now buy gifts for friends and family.

Halloween’s origins relate to the Christian based eve of

All Hallows Day, a time dedicated to remembering the

dead. Pumpkins, witches and ghosts feature heavily in

theming and culminate with children dressing up in

ghoulish costumes and collecting candy from strangers

– creepy huh!

singles day (thursday 11th nov, 2021)

Originally called Bachelor’s Day, the unofficial Chinese

holiday that celebrates people who are not in a

relationship has swept the world and is now the world’s

largest e-commerce event, by a HUGE margin. This is

all about bargains and brands have taken to providing

their best deals on this day. Consumers are particularly

savvy about a good deal so you need to make sure your

deal is a good one. PS lots of people in relationships also

buy on this day! 

black friday (friday 26th nov, 2021)


Essentially a shopping ‘holiday’ the day after Thanksgiving

in the US, Black Friday refers to retailers being “in the

black,” a financial phrase describing the profitability and

prosperity of a business, in contrast to being “in the red,”

or in a deficit. Although its origins are in the US it is now

global event. Sales events used to concentrate on a

‘shared’  experience and often began at midnight to

create a sense of  urgency. This year will probably see

more online or click and  collect options but it is still

widely used around the globe as the ‘sales opportunity of

the year’.


cyber monday (monday 29th nov, 2021)


Designed to bookend the weekend of sales from Black

Friday, Cyber Monday is all about online tech deals.

Everything from phones to TVs and fit bits. Incredibly

popular, many retailers now leave the ‘last day’ to release

the best deals as they sell out all the models from the

previous year. If you like a tech bargain this is the one. Try

sales that sell-out or have an in-built timer to create


super saturday (18th Dec) (the saturday before christmas)

Many people still have a list of things not done before

Christmas, so it is panic buying time! This sale is ideal for

retail but not so much if it needs to be ordered online and

delivered. Christmas Day this year is on a Saturday so you

get a whole week to get things delivered – maybe start

your Super Saturday teasers early?


christmas & boxing day sales (sunday 26th dec, 2021)

The Boxing Day Sale in Australia used to be the number 1

chaotic sale in the retail world. With the increase in

pre-Christmas sales it has lost some market share but still

continues to generate interest and sales. It is a great time

to offload anything that wasn’t sold during the year as you

prepare for the new year.  


new year’s eve & lunar new year (tuesday 1st feb, 2022)

2022 is the Year of the Tiger (King of all the beasts),

the perfect symbol for strength, braveness and a way to

exorcise evils. Preparations for Lunar New Year (also

known as Chinese New Year or ‘Tet’ in Vietnam) start

in the month before and people often buy presents,

decorations, food and clothing. It is also the time to ‘clean

house’ both literally and metaphorically to ‘sweep away

the bad luck of the previous year’. Red and gold feature

heavily along with many exciting new designs and




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