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trend alert 2021

trend alert 2021

2021 has exciting and interesting design opportunities.
These are our predictions of the top trends!

What will dominate the world of labels and packaging this year? From many options and examples we have narrowed it down to our top 6. They cover a range of areas and elements. From design and colour to materials and finishes. There are also a couple of surprise entries that consider the changing consumer environment and the messaging style that suits. Check them out and let us know in the comments if you think we have missed any… after all it is year that is going to need rock solid stability with an ability to shine.



Sustainability is dynamic. The reality of finite resources (including time) means looking at how to achieve more with less. In addition to responsible sourcing, recycling & reusing, 2021 will see energy focused on a reduction strategy: using less resources, lean manufacturing and dispensing with redundant brands & products. This rationalising will create efficiencies from some and present opportunities for other innovative and niche companies.
Designs inspired by nature, eco-friendly packaging and minimising unnecessary waste are going to feature this year.


You used to have 3 minutes of attention, then 30 seconds, now it’s 3-5 seconds… so make it memorable. Crafting messages in small grabs can be complex. The use of video messaging and imagery that moves is a must have for EVERY 2021 campaign.
What resonates today is often forgotten the next. Frequency and recency make turning still images & campaigns into dynamic media a necessity, so plan carefully and make the process as easy as possible. One advantage, you don’t need to be Spielberg… but video editing skills are helpful.


While the popular shades and shines of gold, silver and bronze will continue to highlight quality products and features, the Pantone Color of the Year will inspire a whole raft of illuminated colours and metallics.
Expect to see more than a simple highlight foil, brands will look to shimmy their way into your hearts with multi-dimensional metallic hues and highlights. All the colours of the rainbow (and a few too many unicorns) will make the Froot Loops packaging look decidedly plain (and I can’t wait).

IT’s a $!GN

Symbology and iconography have long been a favorite in logo design. 2021 will see a step-up in instructional images, doodles, illustrations and caricatures that utilise designs specifically associated with their individual brand or product. Expect to see icons that showcase the features that makes them stand out from their competitors.
Emojis, emoticons, GIFs and memes are also going to continue to be used with much more customization to give brands easily identifiable emotional responses and expectations and have a little fun on the way!


With the retail experience changing so drastically, there is a much greater focus on deliveries. In addition to online experiences, e-commerce and ease of transaction, brands will ramp up their focus on the unboxing experience by adding connected messaging and moments. Get it right and the love will be shared across the interweb, get it wrong and it might get shared – or considered just MEH!
Sourcing locally has become a focus for many who are experiencing major supply chain issues. Target those who previously bought in other countries and who might be feeling the pain of slow and unsure deliveries.


Think bold and daring 3D fonts and typography that highlight depth and dimension, 3D images that seemingly leap off the page & packaging with optical illusions that move & change depending on the way you look at them. These will literally add layers to the way we view products in 2021.
The use of building block styles (like lego, voxels and gaming styles) is also gaining momentum as it looks to create characterised structures from otherwise lifeless or flat images (it does help that 3D rendering is easily available now).


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