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label innovations

Peel & Reveal Labels


Multi-Layer Labels (or Peel & Reveal labels as they are commonly called) are particularly useful when space limitations on the face label mean that you want (or need) to provide more information. In this case a multi-layer label is the ideal option. Cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical labels where regulations require specific and detailed information mean that this option allows you to retain specific branding appeal while still meeting regulatory requirements by placing information on a second layer underneath the top layer.

Peel and reveal labels are also used for many promotions where you maintain the existing face label branding while allowing customers to find out more about competitions, offers or complimentary products on the layer below.

Multi-layer labels are achieved by laminating two labels together, using a special adhesive on the top layer that allows it to be lifted from the bottom layer. Often a special cut is placed on the bottom layer and a knockout adhesive is used on the pull tab section to make the lifting process easy. There are some technical requirements to consider such as the opacity of the top label. If you have a primarily white label with no printing then it is possible you may see some print underneath – in this instance we would use an Opaque White on the top label to reduce the visibility of print underneath.

When combined with variable data via digital printing there are endless possibilities for personalisation and unique coding or tracking. Think you have a label that would benefit from a multi-layer or peel n reveal label? contact us now to bring this idea to life.

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